Happy Holidays! | Between the Headphones 5

The Holidays mean something different for everyone. I wish I could reach out and hug each and everyone single one of you.

I understand not everyone feels as festive and as much like an Elf as I do. Also, not everyone has a family or support group to look forward to spending time with.

I think it’s important for us to recognize this and find a way to bring joy to one another, as well as find joy and happiness within ourselves.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I have started to share so much of my world with the interweb. Most of the response has been absolutely incredible and positive as well as inspiring stories of people pushing their limits. However, it is interesting to me though, how much easier it is for negativity to spread and be shared.

Some may see what I am doing as corny or hokey, but this is me and I can assure that I am being as genuine as I possibly can. With that, if you have read this far please send me a message on Facebook with your mailing address by December 23, 2016 and I will send you a #DareToBe wristband as a thank you for your time and support.

I really want to inspire and try to make this a better place than before I was here in my own way. So, please, do something kind for someone you don’t know.

Remember that not everyone has their health, or a place to sleep, or a family to sit down and enjoy Christmas dinner with.

But a smile and hug can go a long way.

With that, here I am sending you all a huge smile and the biggest hug my semi-long arms can give.

I hope you know you have something incredible to offer this world and that I believe in you so very much; continue to #DareToBe!

With lots of love,

-DJ Shawna

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