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What makes a DJ great?

I’ve thought about this for years.

I watch.

I follow.

I listen.

I learn.


I make mistakes.

I adjust.

I learn more.

I see others make mistakes.

I learn more.

There are so many qualities, in my opinion, that go into what makes a DJ memorable.

The #RealDJing issue has been discussed in our community for over a year (to my knowledge) and heavy hitter DJ’s have weighed in with their own opinions.

A lot of people are adamant that “real DJing” occurs only if turntables are present. Some even go so far as to require those turntables to then be accompanied by real vinyl records, compared to the time-coded records with one of the main programs.

What I believe it comes down to, no matter what, are the people in front of the DJ booth, not behind it.

This is not an industry for egos.

Quite the contrary, actually.

This isn’t about what songs I want to hear.

This is about what YOU want to hear and what YOU are feeling.

My job is to help bring that out.


Maybe…I will take it into consideration.

However, if you trust the DJ to do their job I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I think a great DJ has to be fluid, and willing to go with the flow when they feel something take over.

That’s our job: To feel the energy of the people in front of us.

It’s what I love most about my job; finding a way to reach the individuals that aren’t on the dance floor and maintaining a relationship with the ones that are ready to rock from the moment they come in the door.

Thanks for your continued time and support.

I hope to see you at a gig/event soon so we can experience this together.

As always,


-DJ Shawna

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