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As the saying goes, we always want what we don’t have.

Why is that?

I have, admittedly, caught myself lost in thought comparing my DJ career to others. The times I have admired someone’s physique and wish I looked like them can't even counted. Clothes, cars, condos, vacations, even many times have you wished and wanted something you don't have?

I  am embarrassed  to admit it has been far too often, for me. 

And then, something clicked.

Literally, one day I woke up and I just stopped.

I made a conscious effort to stop caring about everyone else, to stop comparing myself to everyone else.

 I realized I was on my path and journey…this was MY adventure.

There wasn’t any way I was going to achieve my dreams and goals by following what everyone on Facebook was doing, or at least says they are doing. I am a firm believer in the saying “In order to go places you’ve never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.” That’s all I have focused on; everything that scares me, everything I don’t think I’m good enough to do, I put my big girl pants on, take a deep breath, and jump.

There is no “right way” to be a DJ. There isn’t a blueprint to follow that gives you step-by-step instructions that upon completion awards you a certificate granting you a career in DJing. As with anything, it takes time, commitment, dedication, passion, and of course some talent.

Point is I had to stop comparing myself and my career to people on social media and start to think for myself. In fact, I had to dream for myself.

So now, every day I wake up and work towards dreams and goals that I want to meet and feel I was put on this earth for.

It goes back to listening to that little voice inside of you that keeps pestering you…showing you signs…begging for you to pay attention to.

Make a conscious effort to stop and listen sometime and act accordingly.

 Always, #DareToBe.

- DJ Shawna

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