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I absolutely hate asking for help.


It makes me feel vulnerable, weak, and small.

I hate it.

Lately, all I have been doing is asking for help.

Coincidentally, I have forced myself out of that comfort zone, and into something I recently learned about called “Optimal Anxiety”.

Our comfort zone is just that: This space we have created where our behaviors and actions fit into this routine and pattern we have perfected that keeps stress and risk very low on our radar.

That feeling you get when you walk in your front door after being gone for two or three weeks.

Mental security.

You know what to expect and where everything is and you feel safe again.

Optimal anxiety is this place, I’ve learned, just right outside of this comfort zone.

If we go too far, we increase our anxiety, which in turn causes us to be more stressed and less productive.

This is the place I now have a name for when I say “Take things to the next level”.

So, back to asking for help.

Remember how much I hate it?

I still do.

However, I recognize I cannot reach my goals alone.

I realize that every successful person also has a successful path of people who had a hand in their success in some way, shape, or form.

This goes back to being an athlete, I think.

We are taught to be perfect without ever actually being told that perfection doesn't exist.

It’s just something we all know but don’t acknowledge.

We are taught to fight through things; not to admit when we need a little help or a breather.

You aren’t really hurt.

You have more in you to run faster, push harder, score more, etc.

There is always more.

So, I have started to ask for help these past couple of weeks.

I have learned more than I can even describe and am on my way to reaching some goals that used to only feel like dreams.

As the saying goes: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Go out and #DareToBe,

-DJ Shawna

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