Be Bold. | Between the Headphones 13

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is to create something and put it out there.

I have never had a kid of my own, so I can’t even fathom what that feels like.

What I’m referring to is art.







All of this is part of me.

Something I think about every single day.

Every time I finish a Monday Motivation video or a blog to post, I get incredibly anxious and afraid.

THAT’S the fear talking.

That’s the fear of only one person ‘liking’ it.

The fear that it wasn’t perfect.

I look at it this way when that fear creeps up:

What if that video moves that one person to get up off the couch and take one more step closer to their dream?

That’s it.

I do it for one person.

One person at a time, each and every time.

So be bold.

Start today.

And continue to chip away each every single day one step at a time.

Push through when fear creeps in and do it for one person.

Do it for you.


-DJ Shawna

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