Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Between the Headphones 14

Being uncomfortable is, well…really uncomfortable.

I have been working with a new program to produce cleaner and crisp mixes as well as podcasts and to be frank, it is kicking my butt.

I understand the long-term goal and benefits but in the moment, the amount of times I have wanted to chuck my laptop out the window due to frustration is immeasurable.

This is the part where my determination and grit come into play. I am focused beyond measure and have to push through.


I don’t want to stay the same and be complacent.

I want to grow.

I want to share music with more than the city I reside in.

I am constantly inspired and frustrated at the same time.

I follow DJs and producers I admire and look up to and get an opportunity to see their world via social media.

Often I have to remind myself about the hard work and consistency that went into that incredible beat-juggling 15-second video long before it was posted.

So, I go back to my first thought:

Being uncomfortable is really uncomfortable.

However, I am choosing to celebrate my journey and growth. I am choosing to allow myself to be vulnerable and share part of my world that I know I can and will eventually be better at.

So, please, be patient with me, as well as yourself.

Trust the process.

Document it so you can see progress.

Remember that perfection does not exist.

We are human.

Continue to be uncomfortable until it becomes second nature.

I am going to keep working my tail off until I get this right.


-DJ Shawna

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