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I’ve said this before:

Creating something and putting it out in the world is scary.

With that, it has been astounding to see the positive feedback we've received in the past 36 hours since releasing the brand new #DareToBe website and store, with nearly 5 times the options we had originally. (daretobeclothing.com)

I am trying to wrap my brain around how this all started.

I know I have discussed this previously…my why, and what our original objective was.

But this all started many years before the first mock up tank top was made this past summer.


This logo that has come to inspire me daily, as well as so many others now as the brand continues to grow, has been tattooed on my left bicep for at least half a decade.

When I made the conscious decision to take my DJ career to the next level, I wanted a logo.

I wanted the DJ Shawna version of Tiesto’s iconic bird logo.

No, I don’t think I am Tiesto.

I have been a huge fan of his for as long as I can remember and Business 101 taught me to look at blueprints of successful businesses similar to yours.

The bigger reason for my desire to have a logo for my DJ persona , however, was because I'm looking at life BEYOND my DJ career.

I want to make a positive impact.

I want to make my Mom proud.

I want my family to be proud of me and who I am on and off the stage.

I want this to be different.

I want it to be more than me, bigger than “DJ Shawna”.

I want people to look at a logo of mine and actually FEEL something.

And that’s the equation that produced the heart stick figure logo.

The simplicity of it seems almost silly, really.

It can be anyone.


Your neighbor.

Your son.

Your best friend.


It represents all of us in it’s own way.

In a way only you can see it through your perspective and experiences.

It means something different for everyone that looks at it, though.

That’s what I love about it.

The common denominator, though?


The heart.

The part we all can always use more of.

The part we all can always give more of.

Because our logo and mission is open-ended, we wanted to give you even more options to express yourself through this logo by adding more color options for every T-shirt, hoodie, baseball T, and tank top.

I want to continue to work to inspire you to be your best self in every aspect of your life because I know you have more in you.

I know you have a little voice telling you to take a chance.

I know you have something you have been just itching to try.

Life is so precious and often far too short, and I want you to look at this logo and be inspired to take that jump.

I did.

I have hesitated for far too long.

So I tossed aside my insecurities, hesitations, and fear of what others will think and took a chance.

This stick figure heart logo keeps pushing me.

Every day.


These few lines and a heart remind me to keep going.

That I have more to give.

AND, if I somehow manage to forget that, I am constantly reminded by the countless people that have watched our #MondayMotivation videos or purchased gear and has shared THEIR story with me.


I do.

And this is a place for you.

For us.


To grow.

To push one another.

To commit to being our best selves and inspiring others around us.

I promise to continue to #DareToBe and appreciate all of you that have done the same.

You move and inspire me.


-DJ Shawna


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