A Final Four for the Record Books | Between the Headphones 18

This past weekend has definitely been one I will remember for a very long time, for so many reasons.

I was able to witness history at the 2017 Final Four game where Mississippi State took down UCONN to end their 111 game winning-streak.

I adventured out and about in Dallas on my own and visited the Dallas World Aquarium where I met a sloth for the first time in real life, among aquariums full of sharks and fish from all over the world.

I ran into and met college coaches from all over the country that I have admired for years.

I got to spend time with friends I rarely get time with, and talk about a game we all love so much.

I DJed and emceed numerous events at Tourney Town for the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation, while they raised money for women’s cancer research.

I emceed my first ever live auction, while Breanna Stewart, WNBA stand out and UNCONN star, signed autographs next to me.

I could go on and on about all the amazing nuggets this weekend brought into my world.

The absolute best memory, though, was from a conversation with a Division 1 coach that I admire tremendously, a professional player that I have grown to respect on so many levels, and myself.

This is the part I want to share with you, because it really shook my world.

We were having a conversation around the 10,000-hour theory, work ethic, kids and parents and AAU basketball, current and past college standouts, etc.

The Coach said something that, in my opinion transcends over every aspect of life. She said (I’m paraphrasing here): “…don’t recruit athletes based off of potential, recruit them based off of patterns.”

Think about that for a minute.

Don’t date someone because they have POTENTIAL.

Date someone because of their PATTERNS.

Don’t hire someone because you see their POTENTIAL.

Hire them because they have created excellent PATTERNS you want on your team.

This rocked me.

It’s everything I feel and read, in a sentence that actually made sense to me.

I want to create patterns that will continue to lead me to be successful.

How many former athletes, or even people in your field, can you think of right now that are those ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ kind of people?

They had wicked potential but their work ethic lacked consistent patterns.

This brings in that infamous quote:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

It all makes so much more sense to me now.

Be someone that has incredible patterns.

Your time will come, and when that door opens, I can guarantee that you will bust through that threshold beaming because you are ready!

And you won’t stop working.

You won’t stop those patterns that you have created and have been doing for years.

You won’t stop showing up.

You want the ball in your hands when the game is on the line, because you have been there before, you’ve practiced, you’ve put yourself in that situation hundreds of thousands of times before, so you can step up and have the confidence to take the shot.

Get up and start creating patterns to build your road to success.

I know I have already made adjustments.



-DJ Shawna

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