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DJ Shawna

This blog is to inspire you.

I want you to get up, move, challenge yourself, and do something different than you normally would do.

There has to be something that is in the back of your mind that you have been fighting and making excuses or putting off “for a better time.”

Let me say this gently:

There is no better time.

Tomorrow, literally, is not guaranteed.

Not for any of us.

Almost four months ago, I decided to stop talking about making a change in the way I ate every day and about losing weight that I wanted gone.

I was the epitome of trying something for two weeks, not seeing any significant results and then promptly switching it up again.

Anything worthwhile takes time, dedication, consistency, and patience.

Almost four months ago, I started with the Fit Freak Project and admit I am that person asking myself why I didn’t start sooner and why I waited so long.

I know why.

I was afraid of change. Changing the way I ate. I was afraid I was going to be hungry and eating food I didn’t enjoy.

I love food.

I love carbs.

And, I NEEDED to have a better relationship with food.

I admitted to myself and the Fit Freak Project that I needed to learn how to eat and workout not as a professional athlete anymore, but as someone that still works out.

Here’s the best part.

The Fit Freak Project helped me to accomplish ALL of this and so much more.

I LOVE FOOD even more after going through my first 12 weeks with Kelechi and Sean.

Here’s the stuff that gets most people:

* I lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks

* I lost four inches from my waist

Here’s there stuff that got me hooked:

* I EAT and have never felt hungry while following my meal plan

* I eat carbs! Every.Single.Day.

* I learned how to cook more efficiently and not waste food. My food budget has actually gone DOWN. I have mastered shopping for food.

* I don’t spend hours a week meal prepping. I found a system that works for me.

* I feel better. I have more confidence in myself and my body image.

* I have more energy

* I have learned when I can deviate from my meal plan and how to do so.

Bottom line, it took time, and I am still working on it.

I am not going to share a photo with you but I am going to kick you in the butt and tell you to start today!

If you want more information on the Fit Freak Project, tell the guys you’re a friend of mine and get started today with them:

You CAN do this!

Get up, take one step, and ALWAYS:


-DJ Shawna

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