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Lately, I have been incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been presented to be part of including, but not limited to, Marquette Women’s Basketball historic 2016-2017 season, DJing and emceeing the Big East Tournament, DJing and emceeing for the Kay Yow Foundation, and DJing and emceeing for the NCAA at the 2017 Women’s Final Four.

As all of these events have now come and gone, I am left with videos, photos, and amazing memories of the moments I got to meet and interact with people from all over the world.

I am extremely proud to have helped the Kay Yow Foundation raise money for all women’s cancer and exceed their expectations at the Final Four (to donate or learn more about the Kay Yow Foundation, check out their website: (

I didn’t think my heart could feel more full after hearing about helping a cancer fund exceed their expectations over the weekend.

And then, I received message after message from parents of children I got to interact with at the Final Four.

In the most incredible, humbling way, I was left speechless.

When I met these kids mentioned, I was sweaty, gross, sun burnt; I was honestly a goof ball. I had a hand-held microphone on my head and my job was to emcee the ‘Buckets4Kay’ events.

The speakers I was mic’ed up to spanned four basketball courts and my voice could be heard through most of Tourney Town.

I was, honestly, in my element; On a basketball court, with a basketball in my hand, and one of my professional athletes working with me.

Our job was to play a shooting game I made up on the spot with people, mostly kids while raising awareness and asking for donations for the Kay Yow Fund.

The number of people I met over the span of three days was astounding. I lost my voice and I still wanted more.

I am not sure of the exact amount of money raised throughout the weekend, but I have been told it was a success.

And I was reminded of the impact we can have on just one person.

Parents have continued to reach out to me after the Final Four and share their child’s story with me.

I have not had many words to describe this feeling, but I have shed tears.

They are moving and honest and real.

These kids all have amazing stories and accomplishments that have just blown me away.

To have their parents share with me that I influenced their children and changed the way they looked at the world was earth shaking.

The point of all of this is to remind myself, remind you, that no matter how many people we encounter, we can change the way one person feels that day.

Even quite possibly for longer than one day.

I am still smiling ear to ear and my heart is so full from Dallas and the Final Four, which reminds me why I do what I do:

I want to help inspire as many people as possible to be their best selves and to always, #DareToBe!

-DJ Shawna

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