DJ Shawna has made her presence felt on a national and international scale performing at events and festivals around the World.

Shawna Nicols, aka DJ Shawna, is a former Wisconsin women's basketball player who now uses her platform as a former athlete to inspire others and send a positive message through her music.

Local DJ, fashion designer, former Badgers basketball player and now author Shawna Nicols has partnered with Graydient Creative on a new book in honor of Nicols' late stepfather.

 Some of her earliest gigs were at Walker’s Pint in the mid-’00s, opening for Milwaukee’s late DJ Rock Dee, and she shares Dee’s gift for working crowds.

“DJ Shawna first came onto our radar a few months ago, when she was named as the official DJ for Marquette Women’s Basketball.”

“DJ Shawna describes herself as "an open format DJ with a knack for being able to read a crowd." Shawna has DJ'd all over the Midwest, including Madison, Chicago, Minneapolis and Iowa. She also held residencies in Tennessee and Kentucky and DJ'd in The Netherlands.”

“With nearly a decade of experience, it's no surprise that she can effortlessly bring any room together with her high energy mixes that keep crowds engaged, wanting more, and going home with a night to remember.”

“Shawna Nicols, better known as DJ Shawna, is one of the Midwest's premier open format DJs. She has attributed her skill and passion for”

“Shawna Nicols, better known as dj Shawna, is one of the Midwest’s premier open format DJs.”