Erica Mitchell

One of the greatest influences in the state of Wisconsin if not the World.

Jacken Heimer

DJ Shawna has a way of making the robotic non-dancing crowd engage with the music and forget all about the daily drudgery by getting lost in the moment. Her kick ass energy and down to earth love of all people is inspiring. If you want a party, hire a DJ. If you want a movement, hire DJ Shawna.

Cedric Gardner

Yesterday you played one of the best sets I've heard in forever. Simply... amazed. Thanks for the good vibes. #joyful

Brooke Litwack

One of the most inspirational and motivational persons I know. I am glad to call my friend. Best DJ around Town.

Bet-z Boenning

She is super easy to work with, inspires me to do better and makes Walker's Pint the place to be on Saturdays in MKE!!!!

Katie Beth

Heart. Drive. Passion. She has it all. I’m proud to be witness to such talent, I’m even more proud to call her friend.